Princess the Puppy is a website devoted to sharing the love and life of our family of misfits through videos, pictures, and the written word.

Who We Are

There are three of us here at Princess the Puppy, though only one of us possesses opposable thumbs.

Our first member is Princess. She's the baby of the group but she acts as if she runs the place, hence the name Princess. She's part Terrier mix, part mystery meat. The vet suspects she's part Border Collie which would explain the endless energy and why she nibbles at our ankles.

Then we have Nessie. She is Princess' biological mother. Nothing makes her happier than a nice big rub on the belly. Food isn't her motivator in life. In fact, we struggle to get her to eat. The only thing she never refuses is chicken. She also happens to be an extremely agile tripawd dog.

Finally there's me, Megan. I'm a devoted dog mama who loves to sing my dogs to sleep, devours classic novels, and I'm a Lupus health activist and patient. I love rock music and I tend to dress tough, but I'm as sweet as the pies I love to bake.

The three of us live in a desert wasteland somewhere in the bowels of Southern California.

Posts and Stuff

We try to write new posts three times a week, but the most reliable time to find a new post is on Wednesday (we love Wordless Wednesday here). We also love hearing from! Just click on Woof and Holler! and we'll show you how to contact us.

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