Friday, February 21, 2014

Princess and The Pasta Sauce Disaster

I've been sick for the past few days, and let's just say I never handle sickness well. Some of the casualties of this heinous cold are my dogs. I haven't taken them on a walk since I got sick so I decided to take them to the dog park and let them wear themselves out. I figured they'd forgive me for being a bad dog parent after taking them to the canine equivalent of Disneyland.

Even though it was about two hours from sunset, I could feel the heat from the sun on my face. There was barely a breeze. The atmosphere at the dog park felt like listening to 311's song "Amber". Well, if you like the song, that is.

I brought my camera thinking the lighting would make some great shots of the dogs. But they were absolutely boring in terms of photography. They just wanted to sniff things instead of run around. They also were
Princess loved to tease the barking quartet
distracted by very loud, barking dogs on the other side of the fence. After the barking quartet left, I asked Princess to do something interesting. She definitely did something interesting... just not at the dog park.
Two terrier mixes playing at the local dog park.
Just standing around, sniffing scents.

We drive home, the dogs just as energized as when we left, and then I started cooking dinner. Nothing fancy. Pasta sauce from a can. Pasta from a box. I made it a bit more interesting by cooking some peas and putting them in my pasta. It's very delicious if you like peas.

My husband and I sit down to eat and watch an episode of "Bones". I'm not a fan of watching "Bones" while we eat because rotting corpses ruin my appetite, but it's the only show my husband and I both like. After dinner he disappears into his mancave to play this weird game called Rust or something. It's a weird game and I still haven't figured out why he finds it interesting. So far he's gotten wood from a tree by hitting it with a rock and killed a bear that doesn't make turns very well. I don't get it. Anyways...

He's playing "Rust" and I'm about to work on a new blog post when I hear Princess counter-surfing. Counter surfing is where a dog reaches onto a counter so they can sneak something yummy to eat while you aren't looking. I yell "Off" but I can tell she ignored me because the next thing I hear is glass landing on the kitchen floor.


I run to the kitchen expecting to see Princess standing in a sea of glass with blood squirting from her paws. Thank god that wasn't how it turned out. Instead, pasta sauce is EVERYWHERE. Luckily, the glass bowl didn't shatter, but Princess was face deep in the bowl filling her little tummy with tomato-basil pasta sauce.

"Out!" I yell as I pick up the glass bowl and start wiping up the mess all over the floor.

Of course she only listens for 5 seconds before coming back to try to help me clean the floors. I scoop her up and stomp into my husband's mancave.

"Your dog knocked your bowl off of the counter and spilled pasta sauce EVERYWHERE. You get to watch her."

I was livid.

My husband kicks the dog outside and helps me clean up. That's when he points out the ceiling.

"Oh my god, how did she manage that?!" I yell/laugh. There's a point in all anger where things get so bad they just become hilarious.

Yes, that is pasta sauce all over the ceiling.
She not only managed to get pasta sauce all over the ceiling, but she managed to get it inside the air vent. My husband and I spent a half hour standing on a stool trying to clean it out with Q-Tips. Eventually we gave up. We couldn't get the vent off because it's sealed the the ceiling with paint. Great. And it wasn't just on the ceiling, though I neglected to take pictures of the rest of it. Princess managed to get it on the carpet in the room outside the kitchen, all over the counters, on the cabinets on top and bottom of both sides of the kitchen, and all over the floor.

Princess, this wasn't what I meant by "do something interesting".

Has your dog ever created a disastrous mess? 

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  1. That's one talented dog. My dogs aren't allowed in the kitchen. Not that I cook. I should rethink that. Maybe not.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo