Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Day At The Dog Park

Princess prancing at the park

Nessie discovered a scent!

We had a lovely evening at the park. Princess and Nessie played some canine football. Princess would grab a pinecone and run around while Nessie chased her and eventually bowl her over. And then they would start again. My husband and I spent most of the evening laughing at their antics until we thought they were sufficiently worn out. Then we went home and devoured the pot roast I made. Except the dogs, they just got normal dinner.



  1. Ooo that looks like the perfect afternoon at the dog park! Big space to roam and not too many dogs to share it with.

  2. What a beautiful day to visit the park!
    Happy WW,

  3. Wow! You have grass at your dog park! All the dog parks here are mulched. I am definitely missing out!