Saturday, January 11, 2014

PetBox Review: A Wonderful Experience

On New Year's Eve I was sitting in front of my computer participating in the giveaway #BlogPawsChat had going on. They had partnered up with PetBox and were giving away free PetBoxes like Oprah on Christmas. Princess, Nessie, and I were one of the chosen ones and we couldn't stop wiggling our butts from excitement. We've been dying to try out these magical things everyone in the dog world are talking about but who knew being married was so expensive? By year two of marriage our finances should be more stable but until then we have to hold off on the spoiling of the fur babies unless we take advantage of wonderful opportunities like this one. I jumped at the chance to see what all the hype was about. An entire box devoted to spoiling your fur babies seemed like a wonderful dream. The only bad part was waiting for it to arrive. Patience is a virtue I don't quite possess.

I received my PetBox yesterday from a hot FedEx man with a sparkly, white smile. For a moment I swore I was in a commercial. There was the handsome FedEx man in a crisp, new-looking uniform. He held the blue-and-white box like he knew it would make someone very happy. And oh, it was. The knowing grin he flashed me gave him away, too. I looked through the hideous storm door some idiot decided would look great on all the houses on base and watched him walk away. A moment before he stepped into his brown chariot, he turned and flashed me a dazzling, white smile, turned back to his vehicle and drove off into the sunset never to be seen by mortal eyes again. Okay, that last part is a lie. It was barely 1 o' clock. No sunset for quite a few hours.

Princess liked him, too. When I finally rejoined the real world I noticed she had pushed in front of me and was standing with her paws and nose pressed against the storm door, her eyes wide with longing. How could he leave without petting her? But after he was gone all she wanted was the box. I still can't decide if it's because she likes to chew boxes or she could tell something fun was inside.

We opened the box to singing angels and a holy light beaming from the inside of the box. It was like Christmas morning all over again. The box was stuffed to the brim with some pretty awesome stuff. I'd describe them all, but I think pictures are a better option.

We did try some of the stuff in the box yesterday. I had maintenance over to fix our guest bathtub and master bathtub but Nessie is afraid of men. When she gets scared she runs under our bed in the farthest part where our arms can't reach. Well the guys needed to go in our bedroom to get to the bathroom and I didn't want Nessie freaking out. The only way to get her out from under the bed is to bribe her with yummy treats. I decided to try the Smooches Chicken and Raspberry dog treats.

I swear, those things have doggy crack in them. Nessie LOVES them. I've never seen her get so excited for a treat before. Not even for chicken. I tried it on Princess with the exact same reaction. She went nuts for them. I think they've become addicted to them. Like I said, there has to be doggy crack in them.



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