Friday, November 8, 2013

We Got Nessie

Two days ago my hubby and I got Nessie, Princess' birth mother. It was a nerve-racking day from the moment I woke up until we got the good news.

Trying To Get Nessie

It was the 5th of November. I hadn't heard from the housing office in a week even though they promised to get back to me about doing a payment plan for the pet fee. It's a silly $200 payment for each dog you have, which means for two dog owners, they have to pay $400. Of course you get it all back when you move out if your house is in good condition. But that's a long time to go without $400. And money doesn't grow on trees out here.

Princess and I walked there. I was hoping her cute face could get me what I wanted. It's hard to say no to her adorable puppy eyes. And it worked! They let me break it down into $50 every paycheck which my husband and I can manage if we tighten our belts a little more.

Off To The Shelter

I could not wait to go pick up the gorgeous Nessie. I wanted nothing more than to reunite this family and have everyone live happily ever after. I ran down to the shelter to tell them that I could finally foster Nessie and eventually we would like to adopt her. But they told me that another couple had called 20 minutes before I got in saying they wanted to adopt Nessie. And the next day they would be bringing in their English Bulldog to see if they got along. My heart broke. Nessie was going to be adopted and wouldn't be able to stay with her baby. How could anyone love Nessie more than I could?

I went home very sad. The only hope I had left was that they would realize Nessie was too high-energy for them and a calmer dog would be better. They would arrive at the shelter at 2:30 and I would have my answer by 3 o' clock.


I spend the entire morning alternating between cleaning the house like a maniac and crying and begging the universe to let me get Nessie. I also gave Princess a few motivational speeches. If someone had broken into my house, they would have seen me rocking Princess like a baby, bawling my eyes out, explaining how she may not get her birth mama but I will always be her mama and I will love until after she's old and arthritic and I will love her long after she dies.

I was a mess.

Three o' clock rolls around and I'm freaking out. Why haven't they called yet? They said they would call. I bet this means that they're filling out paperwork for Nessie. OR maybe they're still trying to decide what dog to get! That's it!!!! Maybe I should go down there with Princess and tell those people "Hey, see this puppy? She's Nessie's baby. Do you really want to split a family apart? You heartless souls!"

So I wake the hubby up and we drive down there with Princess and just wait. And I go inside because I've got myself so nervous I have to pee and I see they have another dog out, Emma. Things are looking good for me. We wait outside. Then I feel embarrassed so we wait in the car. Finally we get a phone call. "Please tell me they didn't choose Nessie!"

Bringing Her Home

Nessie was ecstatic to be going home. She could not sit still the entire car ride and Princess was just as excited. My family was now complete. And the mother/daughter duo have not stopped playing since.

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