Monday, November 25, 2013

20 Items On My Dogs' Bucket List

A while ago I started a bucket list for myself. On it are fun items like "Pet or feed a hippo" and "Visit Italy". I'm determined to knock off all the items on my list before I kick the can. My list gave me the idea to come up with a list for my dogs. Their lives are significantly shorter than the human lifespan and I want to make sure they had the best life possible.

Princess And Nessie's Bucket List

  1. Take the dogs to a dog park.
  2. Play with the dogs in the snow.
  3. Take them to a dog beach.
  4. Take them on a hike.
  5. Take them with me to the next Lupus Walk.
  6. Try out "Doga", dog yoga.
  7. Have at least one dog pass the Canine Good Citizen test.
  8. Go camping.
  9. DNA test the dogs.
  10. Have the dogs paint a picture.
  11. Watch a dog movie with them- Cry shamelessly.
  12. Help a shelter dog get adopted.
  13. Have a birthday party for Princess.
  14. Take the dogs stargazing.
  15. Fight breed discrimination.
  16. Take them on a long road trip.
  17. Finish housebreaking Princess.
  18. Get Nessie comfortable with baths.
  19. Teach them 1 useless trick.
  20. Teach them 1 lifesaving trick.

What's on your dog's bucket list?

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